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Children’s Books

The books below were written and illustrated by Donny Yankellow. For all of Donny’s books click here to find them in the Apple Books App.

In addition to the books below, a series of books Donny illustrated for author Mark Creech can be found here.​

In Cardboard City Jay can be whatever he wants just by using his imagination and cardboard. He can be a chef, a doctor and even an astronaut. Join Jay and take a trip to Cardboard city.

Great for younger STEAM classrooms and lessons.

Learn the basics of playing a guitar in this touching story about a boy and his guitar. Leo was the only guitar not being bought in the guitar shop and then Billy walked in. Leo promised to teach Billy how to play guitar and they became lifelong friends. Join them in their story and learn the basics of playing guitar along the way!

The book is available as a standard eBook through Amazon and Apple, but it is also available as an interactive version! The interactive version has playable touchpoint to hear music and notes being played. Compare what you are playing the the notes and cords taught in the book! 

The first children's book written and illustrated by Donny Yankellow. 

What happens when a young boy goes through a zoo looking for a dinosaur? 
What does he think it might look like? Where does it live? What does it eat? Does he find his dinosaur?

In the first 72 hours of sales the book was in the top 50 childrens books bestsellers in iTunes! 
Within the first week it broke the top 5 and hit #4!